The first round of financing is valued at more than 100 million, and geek Tiancheng's new DPU cloud native supercomputing leads the change

2022-04-18 18:29
Recently, Beijing geek Tiancheng Technology Co., Ltd. from the field of hard technology announced that it has completed the first round of financing with a valuation of more than 100 million in April this year. The investor is Singapore 1cloudnet group, which is a global value-added distributor focusing on providing artificial intelligence and cloud infrastructure solutions for governments and enterprises. With the completion of this round of investment, geek Tiancheng has fully entered the overseas market. It is the general trend for Chinese science and technology to go to sea. Technology knows no borders. In the future, geek Tiancheng, who is good at hard technology, will bring the latest scientific and technological achievements to global users, so that scientific and technological innovation can better benefit mankind.
The current data center is defined by software, which not only makes the data center more flexible, but also creates a huge burden. The operation of the data center infrastructure can consume 20% - 30% of the CPU core. Therefore, a new architecture processor, namely DPU, is needed to solve the network traffic problem in the data centric era. CPU centric data center architecture can no longer meet the demand, and data centric architecture can better meet the market and application needs. Geek Tiancheng's new DPU cloud native supercomputing is a new solution that conforms to this trend.
In order to truly and efficiently solve the problem of high-speed storage of massive data in cloud native supercomputing system, geek Tiancheng starts from the underlying core technology, takes the high-throughput distributed architecture as the core, innovatively adopts the technical route defined by software, and realizes an efficient cloud native supercomputing scheme of software and hardware collaboration. For computing intensive applications, such as supercomputing cluster, artificial intelligence computing cluster, geek Tiancheng has developed a dedicated storage and computing network integration system, including DPU network card, high-speed network, supporting software, underlying operating system, etc.