Jike Tiancheng won the third place in the NVIDIA DPU hackathon competition

2022-11-23 10:56
The second NVIDIA DPU China Hackathon Competition aims to help developers build innovative RDMA accelerated storage and AI applications through the NVIDIA DOCA software framework, enabling storage, AI uninstallation, acceleration and isolation based on NVIDIA BlueField DPU and NVIDIA InfiniBand networks, leading a new generation of AI-ready infrastructure and driving future AI factories.
The competition will officially start from 9 am on October 22nd. The participating teams will present the final project results to the Chinese and international judges' office on the morning of October 23rd. After 24 hours of intense software programming and system development, the Jike Tiancheng team finally stood out from the 27 participating teams and won the third place in the competition.
The Jike Tiancheng Team:
Captain: Xie Shuang
Team members: Zhou Xinyu, Huai Jiahui
Winning this competition is a great incentive to us. In the future, Jike Tiancheng will continue to study first, keep its head held high, constantly improve its professional level, and create better products and services for the market and users.