Extreme performance distributed block storage
Defines a new standard for distributed block storage performance
Deployment schema
Product advantages
Replica protection and auto-recovery
Data protection between nodes through multi-copy mechanism;In the event of a component or node failure, the existing space is automatically utilized, and the multi-node concurrent data recovery is ensured at all times to ensure data redundancy
Extreme performance
A single storage volume provides up to 4 million random IOPS, 4000MB/S throughput
Snapshot protection
By taking snapshots of storage, you can quickly restore data to the state it was in at the time of the snapshot, ensuring data security
High-performance I/O links
The NVMe-oF protocol provides high-bandwidth, low-latency block storage services for compute endpoints such as VMware ESXi and Linux
High-performance data transfer
Data exchange between cluster nodes is carried out through the RDMA protocol, which effectively increases cluster throughput and reduces latency
Efficient data backup
Remote disaster recovery backup, through incremental backup to transfer backup data across the computer room
Typical application scenarios
Virtualize applications
Meet the unified storage requirements of enterprise-class virtualization platforms such as VMware ESXi, Microsoft Hyper-V, KVM, and more
Multiple database applications
Enterprise-class database performance and capacity requirements that support OLTP and OLAP modes for elastic and controllable data resource pools.

Mainstream container applications
Support for any Kubernetes platform, strict adherence to the Kubernetes CSI interface.
Hybrid cloud scenarios
You can choose to connect enterprise private and public clouds, build a hybrid data cloud, and back up private cloud data to the public cloud on demand.