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Shanghai Modern Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., founded in 1996, is a high-tech enterprise in the pharmaceutical industry specializing in the manufacture of new pharmaceutical preparations, founded by academicians of the Chinese Academy of engineering. It was listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange on June 16, 2004 (Stock Code: 600420, stock abbreviation: modern pharmaceutical). He joined China Pharmaceutical Group Co., Ltd. in April, 2010.

  • 3X
    Database performance improvement
  • 60%
    Reduce business launch and migration time
  • 50%
    Annual operation and maintenance cost reduction


In order to meet the needs of database platform support, Shanghai modern pharmaceutical encountered the following problems in the data storage of database platform:

The performance of the original platform architecture is seriously insufficient. With the rapid growth of the amount of data, it cannot achieve the elastic growth of capacity and performance
Multiple databases, serious information islands
Regular query and analysis of timeliness requirements for accessing reports and running batches
Requirement 7 × 24-hour business continuity data security guarantee


High performance
The database performance has been greatly improved, and the performance and capacity have been improved synchronously after capacity expansion.
The platform is easy to expand
It is very easy to expand, and can linearly expand storage and computing, meet the performance requirements of multi database integration, and realize the rapid supply of resources.
IO acceleration
The database platform with high IOPs and throughput performance can provide very high transaction asynchronous replication and write ability to reduce data replication latency