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CITIC Securities artificial intelligence cloud platform is committed to building an industry-leading artificial intelligence application R & D, deployment and operation of a unified cloud platform, providing unified data, computing power and R & D and operation environment. Based on this intelligent cloud platform, we will build industry-leading AI financial technology products. In the container Intelligent Cloud Platform Based on kubernetes, container persistent storage has undoubtedly become the focus of this business

  • 4years
    Smooth operation
  • 100+
    Container business system
Seamlessly connect with kubernetes to realize the automatic adjustment and use of storage resources
Support stateful container applications to achieve rapid reconstruction across nodes
Support multiple read and write modes to meet the needs of concurrent access of applications


Since its launch in 2019, the container persistent storage platform provided by nvmatrix container storage for China Mobile has been running smoothly for 4 years. At present, the scale of container storage cluster has reached 30 + physical servers, serving 100 + business systems.
  • Kubernetes achieves seamless docking
  • Support container storage enterprise level functions: PV dynamic allocation /pv quota, QoS and other functions
  • Provide Rox, rwo, RWX and other reading and writing modes
  • Data security and reliability, disk failure and node failure automatic detection mechanism
  • Flexible expansion, a single cluster can carry more than 10 billion files, and save a large number of structured and unstructured file data