Customer profile

Talkingdata, founded in 2011, is a leading third-party data intelligent service provider in China. With the help of the data intelligence application ecosystem with smartdp as the core, enterprises can gradually realize the digital transformation driven by data. Since its establishment, talkingdata has been adhering to the vision of "data changes enterprise decisions and data improves human life", and has gradually grown into a leading data intelligence service provider in China.

  • 5X
    Improved storage performance
  • 30-50%
    Business online time reduced
  • 50%
    Annual operation and maintenance cost reduction
There are many massive small files, and the large and small files are stored together, so the IO complexity is high
Large business growth requires linear expansion of storage performance and capacity
It requires rapid iteration of products and high stability
Storage needs to support new businesses such as containers


  • Improve business efficiency by 3-5 times
  • Elastic expansion to meet the explosive growth of business needs
  • Utilize old storage servers and reduce storage costs by 50%