Realize data center transformation
By offloading, accelerating and isolating various advanced network, storage and security services, DPU can provide a safe and accelerated infrastructure for various workloads in cloud, data center or edge computing environments. DPU combines powerful computing power, complete on-chip infrastructure programmability and high-performance network to support demanding workloads.
Product value
Enterprise class kubernetes container platform, specifically for open hybrid cloud strategy. DPU can unload from the server CPU and accelerate infrastructure tasks, so as to achieve faster, more efficient and more secure servers and networks. Kubernetes + DPU work together to provide a consistent cloud native application platform for managing hybrid cloud, multi cloud and edge deployment, while providing enhanced orchestration, automation and security.
Product advantages
Container cloud service
Improve server security
Running kubernetes on DPU can improve security through workload isolation and remote management.
Automation and orchestration
Provide orchestration function to realize container deployment and development operation and maintenance automation.
Cloud ready infrastructure
Running kubernetes on DPU provides an ideal solution for container management and hybrid cloud strategy.
Product features
Acceleration performance
Offloading non computational tasks to DPU can significantly improve application performance.
Enhance security
The isolation layer separates the control plane and protects the application from security threats.
Simplify business operations
The real hybrid cloud architecture can realize smooth integration and efficient management locally / in the cloud.
Reduce deployment downtime
The deployment, management and use of resources similar to cloud computing can reduce costs and management.